January 19, 2012

Baby Bedtime Routine

Since my daughter was only 1 year old, one of my problems dealing with was her bedtime routine. She merely sleeps early. I have tried an early bedtime routine before but it did not work. When she turned 2, I started reading her bedtime stories but it only makes her more alive and active at night.

Last week I received a gift from a sponsor. The bulb lamps changes colors every few seconds from green to blue to yellow to purple and so on…
 My daughter just loves them specially when the light is off and only these tiny lamps are striking.  She calls it “smiley” for an obvious reason that the other lamp is a smiley face.
Now she can’t sleep without these bulb lamps by her side. Last night she said enfolding on her arms, “best friends forever.”

Play time before bedtime!
Getting my tot to bed early at night can be a challenge, but I have learned to be patient all this time. It’s in a way a blessing because I get to chat with her and talking about things she could understand, explaining what she did this morning was amazing, and the color of her shirt is white, etc.  Having a fun time together before sleeping is one great way of making her feel special. Isn’t nice to see your children sleeping with a smile?
"best friends forever" -  bea

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