March 27, 2011

How much time do you spend with your kids?

One of the benefits of being a SAHM is the quantity of time spent with their kids.
It means longer hour of play, which kids certainly would enjoy.
And the availability of mothers being around when their kids need them.
Time really is an important ingredient to parent and child relationship.
As they always say, the best way to show your love to your children is through time.
Parents can always say "I love you" in many ways, like providing needs and buying
their children's wants but spending undivided and focused time is beyond compare.
Having time with your kids not only create a stronger bond, it also helps establish a good
relationship between you and them. You will get to know more about your children and in the process,
they will feel more confident and at ease which in the end will lead them to be more closer and open to you as they grow old.

March 25, 2011

What makes me happy about?

It's early in the morning, my daughter approached me and as what she always do whenever I'm infront of my laptop, pulled my arm and said, "ab u" (Love You). Wow! I was surprised. Never a day I failed to utter those words to her. Today is the first time she said I love you back. What a great feeling...

I think she's ready....

Tuesday last week, I visited a preschool close from our home. I might sound too excited here, well, I'm a first-time mom, and I can't help it :) 
I've been thinking and many times been contemplating as the  moon and stars above are my witnesses to enroll my daughter to preschool. She's turning 2 before the coming school year, so I think she's just right in time. You are right, she'll be 2 before the start of the class. The school teaches from 2-6 years old. 
I was toured by the principal, checked there facilities, programs and mode of teaching. I asked about how they can teach children like my daughter considering all she knows and understands are her milk, herself, milk, and herself.
She enjoys watching videos at youtube.
It is very important for me, that my daughter be exposed in an enriched environment - visual, auditory, language and so on - because that lays the foundation for her development later in life. Another reason is to develop her social skills. We live in a place wherein we do not know our neighbors which means she plays alone and with me, of course. As a mother, I want to see her enjoying her childhood, seeing her play with other children and make friends. 
But now I'm having second thoughts because my husband is disapproving my desire to enroll our daughter. 
"It's too early for her. She can barely utter words. All she could do in class is to look for you.", my husband said.
Until, I saw a blog just recently about a mom who educates her children through homeschooling. You might also check her blog I was thinking of doing the same method. Since my daughter is just 2, I guess it needs a lot of work and patience. My questions are, how to start? What are the things I need to consider especially with her age? Is this really the perfect age for her to learn more than playing and walking at the park?

March 24, 2011

Yogurt Smoothie Recipe For Kids

I started feeding my daughter with yugort as early as 8months. At first I was hesistant it might caused her diarrhea or some allergy. After learning its power to fight against infection, I decided to give her yogurt twice or thrice a week.
There are full fat yogurt and dairy products designed for infants. Fat plays an important role for brain development from 2 to 3 years of age. Yogurt is a dense food that contains more calcium than milk. As added nutrition.

March 23, 2011

m♥mmil♥ve: Online Shopping at Brussel Sprouts!

m♥mmil♥ve: Online Shopping at Brussel Sprouts!

Collection of memories

This are some of the photos of Bernice as she grows. The photos were taken last year during our stay with her grandparents. While I was creating this collage, she's mesmerized and said, "baby!"
This collection includes her first New Year's celebration, her first smile, her christening, and her first toy, first gift she received. and first long trip to Manila. 
She is turning 2 this May. I thought of celebrating it at her grandparent's house back in the province where she was born.

Motivational Morning Quotes, Famous Inspirational Thoughts, Famous Self Help Sentences: Lively Morning Poem !!

Motivational Morning Quotes, Famous Inspirational Thoughts, Famous Self Help Sentences: Lively Morning Poem !!: "This is the beginning of a new day.I have been given this day to use as I will.I can waste it, or use it. I can make it a day long to be..."

How I Handle Tantrums

Bernice rarely throws tantrums. I rarely see her get too frustrated and emotional. But when she does, it only means that she wants independence. That is when she wants to do things by herself.
By talking to her gently and explaining in a way she can understand, it helps ward off those outburst and frustrations.

March 21, 2011

Few minutes away from her....

Five minutes have passed and i'm starting to miss my daughter. She'll be away from me today for a couple of hours. Her Aunt invited her to visit their little cousin Jenine. At first,I was hesitant because knowing my little girl, she would insist want she wants, keeps on running once she's out to the mall. But, I guess I have to let her out once in a while. It will teach her to be more sociable and most importantly to have fun.
This was taken after attending her Sunday School
in our church.

While she's away, I would like to take this chance to blog. Visit my favorite blogs site and work. I feel so fortunate to have been blessed with a work at home. This makes me learn things aside from motherhood.

As mothers, it's important that we should not neglect learning. It's a process we all have to take. Our life should not be stocked on the four corners of our home. Even thought we are full-time mothers, we deserve to learn new things. Currently, I am learning Search Engine Optimization. Everyday, I learn great things about it. And I am building a new blog about it which you can search under my blog roll. I am hoping to be able to share it with my readers in the near future.. 

Our daily routine

While I was doing my online job as a researcher, I came across with different websites and blogs about work-at-home and full-time mothers like me. I read some of the blogs about saving money like making home-made cookies for your children snack time instead of going out to your favorite bakeshop and spend some penny. I also read an article about a mom's fulfilling experience by homeschooling her two sons. And a mom's indulgence to traveling as her way of teaching her daughter and making her aware of how beautiful our world is for children like her.

Today, I suddenly missed my blog. Without a second thought, I started writing this article.

I would like to share with you my daily routine as a WAHM and a mommy to a 1 year old girl who loves fun and play. I usually start my day with a coffee. Taking time to think of what important things I should do for a day. My daughter is still in the middle of her sleep at 7AM, although she sleeps early at night :). So I take this chance to make time for myself. Sipping a cup of coffee is really invigorating. It makes me alive and think fast.
Normally, when my daughter awakes we would go out for a short walk. Showing her the birds, moving leaves, greeting passers by, etc.

She takes a bath at 9am preparing her for a day full of fun and learning. I take 2 hours of my time every morning to work as an online researcher. I found my home-based jobs on Before the 2-hour work ends, she will approach me, pull my arm away from my laptop and says "mommy". It means, she needs my time (again) and wants to play hide and seek.

In the afternoon while she takes her 2-hour nap, again, I take the opportunity to work. I always find time to work and earn extra. At the same time, I always have moments with my daughter. Every moments with her leads her to learning few things everyday. At her age, she can utter the words "thank you", "please" and "take care". Sometimes I got so surprised she learned words just by wtching TV programs and cartoon shows.

My life is not as complicated as other moms are. But no matter what we do and how we practice our life, gives great impact to our children. Balance time with work and family. The more time we spend with our children, the more they will become prepared when they grow up. We have different ways of spending quality time with our kids.

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