April 15, 2011

WEEk #1: Learning shapes and picture recognition

This week, I started to seriously teach my 23months daughter. At first, I was hesitant about the things I have to teach her.

After research and reading blogs about moms doing homeschool, their methods and curriculum I thought my daughter does not need to learn things fast. Slowly but surely. I started introducing her to shapes and the alphabets.

We started on Circle shape on our day 1, Square on day 2, and so on.
Also, everyday, I recite the alphabets so she can easily grasp and remember it. In her age, Repitition is the best method to recall her lessons.
She pretty enjoys watching rhymes at youtube

We also use youtube to  let her hear some different alphabet songs.

She's pretty enjoying. And LEARNING. Next week would be different. I will introduce colors and will try to give her a coloring book and see what's gonna happen.

I still need your advice. The challenge in this task is her age. I hope to hear thoughts from homeschool moms and learn from each other.

This was her Day 1. Asking for milk.

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